Thursday, April 26, 2012

Been a LONG time!

Yes, I am alive! :-)

I've been debating for quite some time if I should start a new blog.  One that is about our family.  Haven't totally decided...have to start thinking of a name.  But, until then I thought I'd post!  It has been quite some time I know. 
We are all doing great!  Lots of exciting things...we've been working away at the beginnings of an Adoption and Foster Care Ministry at our church.  So, lots happening there.  And, we're going to our 3rd Christian Alliance for Orphans conference in LA at Saddleback Church!  We are excited as we leave in just a few days. When we get back we are going to be a part of the May 12/13 weekend at Rockpointe.  We will have a video about our ministry and Geoffe Moore will be speaking about the adoption of his 2 girls from China and Compassion Canada!  We are so excited to be a part of this service and to  see what God has planned! are a few pics to enjoy! :-)

Until next time....Carala
**I think I've missed blogging....might have to take it up again...soon!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Long time no see....

Wow! It's been way too long. Life is just clippin' along. It's a busy life having 3 kids. We are lovin' life. Caate is doing great! It's been just shy of 18 months since we brought our little Caate home. Hard to believe all the changes that she's gone through. She is one adorable little girl that has this fire for life. She is bright and pays close attention. You can't miss much with her around! LOL! We love every bit of her and can't imagine life without her.

Caate is in preschool. She loves it! I don't even want to think about Kindergarten next year....that is coming way too fast for my liking! Wish I could keep her home another year. She's learning so much and has no problem picking up new ideas or concepts. She just takes a hold of anything that presents itself and keeps on truckin'! I love it!

Caate is just finishing dance next week...and she's already on to gymnastics. She definitely is more excited about gymnastics than dance...not surprised. She's an athletic girl that wants to look more than pretty! Though, she loves to dance around the house to the tunes cranked. :-) She definitely fits our family perfectly. Right now we have all 3 kids in mama. Ryden is in Beavers once a week as well.

Next month we are taking the kids on a cruise with their grandparents! We are all very excited to escape this cold. We are wondering how Caate will do. I think she is going to LOVE it. I just hope she doesn't get stomach sick. So far she hasn't been sick to the stomach since she came I'm not interested in starting on our holiday. I guess time will tell! :-)

Well, just wanted to share a bit. I will do another post sooner than later. I'm tired and have to pack for our ski trip tomorrow. Hope you are all well, out there in blogger land. :-)