Saturday, July 16, 2011

11 Months since Gotcha Day!

Ok, so I'm a little late. It was really on the 4th, but we were away on holidays.

Caate is doing great. She normally has a quiet time every day for an hour. It gives her time to just settle her brain and allows her time to just play, and not talk! Don't we all need that kind of time?! LOL! But, on our holidays we were on the go for pretty much 2 weeks straight. Having so much fun we didn't take the time for quiet times. Sure, we paid for it some days...but over all she did great! So, now that we are back home we are back into them...and it sure does wonders for her! She is listening better, trying more to use her manner more. She hugs so deeply, and loves us as if she was always with us. Sure, there are times I see the independent Caate that can do it all on her own...when clearly she can't and it's actually kind of dangerous. But, these are all things that will come in time.

Caate is a little fish in water. She jumps into chest deep water, lands with a belly flop and proceeds to swim a foot under the water for about 5 feet all the way to me. What a crazy little girl. She also likes to jump into water over her head, without any notice. She thinks she can swim...but she can't and realizes it when she starts to take in water. This girl has NO fear. Thankfully she is taking 2 week of swimming lessons starting Monday. I will wish her instructor GOOD LUCK and hope Caate doesn't drown or that her instructor won't kick her out of lessions for not listening!! LOL!! She tends to like to do her own thing in the water...but she has to learn water safetly or I won't let her near it! The thing is, she has the ability to swim....but she will have to decide to listen to the instructor to learn to swim. If this happens...Caate will be swimming in no time! I have a feeling I need to put this girl in Swim Club! We'll see what the fall far she's registered in a dance class with a friend of hers and I thought she would love gymnastics. many options for such an energetic girl!

Caate experienced the Calgary Stampede for the first time yesterday! She rode a bus and the C-train too! She's been dying to ride a bus ever since she got this was so fun for her. She liked the Stampede....but I think she will like it a lot more when she a bit older. We did have a lot of fun and ate a lot of corndogs, elephant ears, and lemonade slushes that were to die for!!!!!! So much fun!

I'll post a few pics to finish this post. Kind of short on words today...I just played a soccer game in the heat and I'm kind of pooped! :-)


Naomi said...

She has certainly blossomed since her gotcha day! Lilyia and Vicktor send their love! Lots of stories to tell while I was with our "family away from home". Soup at 38 does seem to cool you off! I will tell them how wonderfully Caate is doing! Home on the 21st!

Tracey and Chuck said...

Caate is an absolutely beautiful little girl!! So glad to hear how well she is doing! :)

shelley said...

Caate is a blossoming beauty. Thanks for the update.