Saturday, February 26, 2011

1 year ago....

1 Year ago....I was going nuts in my house waiting for the phone to my friend S. and I went for coffee at Indigo to pass the time. S. also was in this crazy process and had already experienced "the call" so she gladly took time out of her day for me! It was shortly after 1pm when I received a call on my cell phone. We were about to take our coffees and drive over to Winners (I believe!) but of course this call ended our coffee break! This was the call that would change our lives, forever... I told my social worker I'd call her back at home when I could get my husband on the phone as well...he was at work. So, I sped home....a million and one thoughts going through my head. Oh my GOODNESS!!!! This is it!!!! (I was thinking!) Trying to stay calm we got all 3 of us on the phone....our S.W. was emailing the photos over to us and we planned to open up the email together. I had always imagined our girl with dark eyes and dark hair....and there she was! Very much all I had ever dreamed of. She had fair skin, fairer than I thought she'd have though. She was cute (phew!)!! It's funny thinking back over those initial thoughts...."could I love this little girl?" "Is she really going to be ours?" "Are we ready for this?"

We first thought her name was Yapparova! Poor little girl, I thought to myself!! LOL! In Russia they have 3 names(kind of like North Americans)...but it's a little different. The 2nd name mentioned was her 1st name. I didn't find that out until talking with my sister-in-law later. Thank GOODNESS! :-)

Of course we had a lot of thinking to do that day...and for several days after. It was a very stressful time for us. If you don't know the whole story...we initially turned down the referal of Caate. Thankfully, God brought together a plan to change our minds and travel to Russia to meet Caate. Thankfully for my new found friend S. in Toronto....we got info about Caate that made us rethink everything. It was a chain of events only God could have planned out. Such a cool story. Anyway, we ended up accepting the referal for Caate and we set into motion something that never stopped...and on August 4th, 2010 we received Caate into our lives forever. It took less than 5 1/2 months to bring Caate home. It was pretty incredible journey!!! Not without many lows...but through those lows I got to know the God of my life so much better. Without Him leading me through some very dark days...I don't know if I would have made it to Caate.

Today, Caate has been home almost 7 months. Time has flown by! She has changed so much...and best of all....we both feel her love for us is soooo much deeper than it was even 6 weeks ago. We are thankful that God has helped us through the tough days when I wondered when she'd really love me. And, God brought people around us to support us through that time. The journey really started when we brought Caate home. Everything before that was just preparation for what was to come. I'm so glad it took 3 1/2 years to find Caate. If it was an easy journey...I'm not sure I could have handled the last 7 months. Yes, there are highs, and we are so thankful and blessed to have Caate in our lives. But reality is, it's not always easy. We've struggled, we've cried, and we've held each-others hands through some hard days....but even with that....she is worth EVERY BIT of struggle. Cause when I laugh with her, when I hug her...and especially when I hear those most amazing words, "I love you Mama". It makes you forget all the tough days in the last 7 months! Caate is one silly girl, loves to laugh at herself and thinks she's funny, loves to run (she's pretty fast with those little legs!), loves to color, to ski (her knew LOVE), to play dolls, have tea parties, to swim (I'd say her biggest passion in life is WATER!), to eat chocolate MOST of all! She loves her brothers, and they love her and even in Trennon's prayer tonight he said how thankful he is to have her as his sister. Wow, music to a mom's ears! I love how God knew Caate needed 2 amazing brothers to be great examples on how to love God, love life and how to love eachother. Trennon and Ryden are definitely THAT! So, she is equally blessed to have them in her life. To see them play together, fight together, share together and just BE together. It is a match made in heaven. God brought these 3 amazing little people into our show us how amazing our heavenly Father is. That he could make each one of us and know we'd all fit so well!

So today, I am thankful. Thankful for the crazy life journey God has brought me on. Most people want the easy road in life. Well I say, "how boring!" The journey with God isn't always easy, actually, most of the time it's challenging, tough and pretty much rocks you around. But, the tougher life gets, the closer I get with God, and the happier I am. (if that makes any sense!) If we would never have grabbed onto the journey of adoption and just chose to have another biological kid or none at all....we would have missed out on so many of the blessings God had in store for us! And, He couldn't have used our family to bless others with His story of the love He has for all of His children...including Caate! So, yes, I am thankful for the rocky road. I know I will continue to have rocky roads as we continue to parent Caate and our boys. I find I always have to be on my toes, reading up on attachment issues, behavior issues that stem from kids that are from "hard places", social issues, speech delay issues, sleep issues, teeth issues, growth's never ending. But, God knew Caate needed a mom that loved being a mom. :-) And, that I do! And, I am so thankful that Caate got the best dad in the world....cause He is one amazing dad. And, God knew she needed a dad that would wrap his arms around all her hurts and around her beautiful little body and never let her go. Caate loves her Papa....soooo much! It's pretty beautiful to see. :-)

Well, there you have it! Lots has happened in a year! :-)

With love,

Friday, February 4, 2011

6 Months Since Gotcha Day!!!!

Wow! Hard to believe we picked up Caate only 6 months ago! We've done so much in 6 months it feels more like a year or two!

Normally I post pictures on her "anniversay", but we're both really sick with colds and sore throats so that won't be happening. I'll post some next week in conjunction with her birthday! Yes, Caate is turning 4 on February 9th! Hard to believe! She still seems like a 3 year old...and probably will for a while yet. She's petite too. Although she's grown in height, she hasn't really in weight. On Monday we go back to the adoption specialist for her 6 month appointment so hopefully we'll be able to chat about her weight. We are starting to have some concerns. Although we figure getting her tonsils out will help her breathing at night. She uses a lot of effort to breath at night, so hopefully she won't burn so many calories trying to breath after we get her tonsils out. Our appointment is April 7th. So, 2 more months of this. I know it will go fast.

Next week we are going to the airport to see one of Caate's friends from the baby home. He's coming home to his new forever family along with his 2 little brothers. We don't think Caate remembers him. We showed her pictures of him and she didn't seem to remember him at all. She has lost a lot of her memories of the baby home. I just wonder if D. remember her at all? Will she look so different that he doesn't even remember her? Will he try speaking russian to her? Will she even remember any Russian? We think she's lost a lot of her Russian, like 99 % of it. But, I wonder if she'll at least understand him when he speaks to her. All these questions! It's going to be fun though!

Caate finally got her first cold. It was a doozy! But, she's a trooper and has handled being sick better than I do. She had a fever of 104-105 for 2 days straight, sore throat and cough. The poor girl! 6 days later she has no fever, but still has the cough and a sore throat. Doc says it's we just have to wait it out. So not fun. It's been hard keeping her still. But,she's doing fine.

Well, I think that's all for now.