Friday, January 21, 2011



Caate had dental surgery and came out all fixed up! She did great! So great, she called it a FUN Day!!!!! What an amazing, strong, and brave little girl we have! She recovered so was like she didn't even have anything done! She had 9 fillings in all and 4 extractions of the 4 decaded teeth that were actually absessing (poor girl!) So, good thing we got them out of there!

Then, on Thursday this week we had her ENT appointment (ear, nose, and throat). We had this booked months ago so we had to go no matter how well C. was doing. Thankfully she was great! With her sleep issues and difficult breathing at night we wanted to get things checked out. Well, the short story is...she needs her tonsils out. Oh we go again! But, the doc said what a difference it will make for her sleeping. Hopefully she'll get a much deeper sleep so she won't have to nap for 2 hours every afternoon. And, he said she will probably gain some weight (finally!). I don't think she's gained even a pound since coming home. He thinks she burns all her calories at night trying to breath. He's seen this before and the kids will actually gain weight in the months following surgery. So, we'll see! Hopefully she'll gain something!!! She sure eats a lot for a little girl her age!

Well, that's what's going on in our lives these days. Caate should be booked in for surgery within a couple of months. So, we're all good with that. It's so great to be so well taken care of with these great doctors and dentists! We feel so blessed!

Today we're off to go enjoy the snow and do some skiing at our place in the mountains....should be fun and relaxing! :-)


Monday, January 17, 2011

The big day!

Well, tomorrow is the big day! Caate will have dental surgery tomorrow at 9am. We are so happy this day is finally here! She has been in pain on and off for a couple months now. We will be so happy to have her mouth pain free for the first time in her life, especially Caate!! It will be so nice to be able to give her sweets more often or when people offer our kids a candy I don't have to cringe anymore cause I know she won't hurt because of it. She will be able to have juice and enjoy it...not complain about her teeth hurting. Oh, how wonderful this will all be!

So, if you pray. Please pray for Caate tomorrow at 9am Mountain time. I just hope she won't be too scared and that she won't hurt too much after the surgery. I have no idea what to expect. But, we also know how tough Caate I'm sure she'll be ok. :-) Hopefully I'll be ok! ;-) Surgeries seem to be tougher on the parents sometimes than the patient themselves. God is good though. He has protected all of us from sickness this winter. Terence was the only one of us that has been sick this winter. We are so thankful that our boys haven't brought home the high fevers and vomiting that's going around. God is good! So good! It's sure going around so I'm so thankful for this bubble God has placed over our house hold. He has allowed us 5 months of being sick-free. That is amazing! We've needed this time to really adjust as a family. And, we are soooo thankful that we haven't gotten the stresses of illness to really make life miserable. Wow, God is so good to us. :-) I feel so blessed.

Well, I should run. So much to do while Caate naps!

I'll update when the surgery is over....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Caate's First 5 Months

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Caate at 5 Months Home....

Caate is really starting to say longer sentences. Her understanding is growing leaps and bounds as well. She'll say words like, "maybe", and not just yes or no. Or should I say, yup! LOL! In the last few weeks Caate has gone from a "push mama's buttons" stage to her loving to just be with me and play. She hasn't been going out of her way to do something she knows I don't like!! :-) She really is a delight and such a bright light in my day. :-) Today she really wanted to play soccer. Well, if you know me....I LOVE doing that! So, I taught her about "headers" and that we can't use our hands. Of course then all she wanted to do was use her hands. :-) She can be quite the tease as well!

Sometimes it's hard to remember what all she is doing. She acts more and more like a typical 3 year old that has been in a family for their whole lives. Some days I can't believe it's been only 5 months.

Last night we had our social worker over to do our 6 month post placement report. Everything went so well. :-) It's nice to just keeping checking that "list" off and getting things done. In 12 days Caate has her dental surgery and in 14 days she goes to the ENT doctor (ear nose and throat). check check CHECK! :-)

Caate grew a little more than last month...but her weight is still about the same. Sure, I'd like it if she gained a pound or two...but, she's so happy and eats like a champ!

Caate is consistantly sleeping better and better. She gets about 12 hours a night and still a 2 hour nap. If she gets her sleep, she is very happy. Rarely gets grumpy. I know she is grumpy when all she wants to say to her brothers is NO! LOL! But, that is so rare. She really loves them both and has a lot of fun playing with them. It was fun to watch Ryden and her playing CLUE Jr. the other day. He was so great at letting her role the die and move the men. Such a sweet boy that Ryden is! Trennon and Caate continue to have this great respect for each other. I'm so amazed at how well all 3 of them get a long. When they all get laughing, it's pretty great to see. Ter and I just look at each other and smile. We sure do have pretty wonderful kids, thanks to God's 3 amazing plans for our family. :-)

A few more facts about Caate:
She knows all her colors
She can count to 12
She identifies what a 1, 2 and 3 look like
She loves to sing
She now like to dance(a new thing for her!)
She LOVES puzzles and is very good at them
she has begun to make her dolls and stuffed animals talk (she thought this was strange before!)
she now likes to play "doctor" and have "tea time" with her stuffed animals and ME!

Anyway, that's just a few things!

Until next month! :-)


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

5 Months Home!!!!

Hard to believe 5 months have flown by! Here a few pics I took today on her "anniversary"! Hopefully I'll have more time later tonight to post an update on the things Caate is doing. :-)