Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sleep test and dental surgery...oh the fun!

At the end of November we got a sleep Apnea test done on Caate. Thankfully it's as easy as putting a little "bandaide" on her finger with a cord running from it through her PJ's to the machine. She was amazing! Didn't once pull it off her finger and slept amazing. If something was seriously wrong, we would have heard from them right away. But we didn't, so that's good. We will have our follow up appointment with the ENT in mid January. So, we can ask some questions about her sleep.

So why did we request a sleep apnea test? Well, when we first got Caate home she was a very VERY loud breather when she slept. It was quite disturbing. And when she rolled onto her back, she would stop breathing. It was pretty scary for both of us to see. We'd watch her at night as she flipped from front to back to side to front etc etc. All within 30 seconds. And, to think of it now...no wonder why she slept 3-4 hours in the afternoon at that point. She was not sleeping at night. Slowly her naps have reduced to 1 1/2 - 2 hours. In time she has become more of a less restless sleeper (as far as we can tell). You can hardly hear her breath now, which is GREAT!!!! We do still notice that she stops breathing when she rolls on her back. So, we thought it was still worth it to get her checked out. We've been pretty lucky with Caate. She really has had no health problems at all. We do hope that in time she will gain some weight. She's such a petite litle thing! She weighs 27 lbs and 94 cm. But, she's no different than Ryden....so she totally fits in the fam! :-)

Next on our calendar is dental surgery! Oh, doesn't that just sound like fun! NOT! Caate needs a lot of dental work done. So, we opted to get it all done at once...while she is put under. Hopefully all goes well. We are scheduled for mid January. We go in the morning and we should be home by lunch. They say by the next day she should be herself again. So far this is the last thing we need to deal with. It will be so nice to have her all fixed up! Caate has been feeling pain in her teeth over the 3 weeks or so. It pains me as a mom to see this. My poor girl. It especially gets aggravated when she has sweets. So, we've been trying to limit them...but with Christmas it's been hard and will be for the next few weeks. Oh well, she has survived so far...I think she can handle a little while longer.

Well, that's just another update. I included a few pics of when we did her Sleep Apnea test! :-)


Sunday, December 5, 2010

4 Months...and 1 day!

Caate has been home 4 Months and 1 day. We were so busy yesterday I didn't get a chance to blog!

Caate....she has a zest for life! She is talking so much more. Hardly any Russian words at all. Maybe 4 or 5. She is putting more sentences together. Like this morning Caate said "Ryden, let's play, come on let's go!" or, something else she's been saying in the last couple days...."I want to SKI!". Yes, we bought her skis on Friday! Hopefully her and I will hit the slopes on Tuesday at our local ski hill. Don't worry...I'll have my video camera handy. It's going to be quite the experience. This girl has NO fear...so hopefully I'll be laughing, and not crying! :-)

Caate knows her colors, and can say 1-10 in English most of the time. She sings the ABC song and gets a lot of the letters right. Identifying them isn't her thing yet...but that will come in time. She can write the letter 'C', 'A', 'T', 'E'. So pretty much all the letter of her name. But, some are side ways, or flipped the wrong way. Usually her 'E' is generally the right way. Her love really is coloring, singing, and building with K'Nex...oh, and cars.

Caate is also 3.....she loves to push mama's buttons. :-) She has moved passed the stage of not wanting to hold my hand on roads, parking lots or on the way to school. She does it willingly now, and usually her idea. So, this is progress!

We went through a time where she was wanting to go to some of my friends (who she knows quite well). We quickly put the breaks on...and emphasized that she has 1 mama and 1 papa and if she needs anything we are here for her. She seemed to catch on...and my friends have been great and super supportive. We just asked that no one hold her hand or hug her. Everyone's help on this has been positive and Caate is definately coming to me for everything. Only on a rare occasion has she reached out to one of my friends. Oh course mama's watchful eye has been there to easily scoop her up and tend to whatever need she had. We know that this all will take time. It has only been 4 months afterall. I really wonder at what point she will figure out we aren't going to send her away? I look forward to her english getting better and as she grows up we'll be able to talk about more things.

I love how she prays every night before she goes to sleep. And I love her desire to sing. We sing a few songs every evening before bed and she just loves it. It's such a great bonding time as well and we snuggle up close and we sing together. Papa also gets to spend this time with her so we both get to enjoy her snuggles.

Caate's hair is growing! She is growing in height, but not weight. I don't know if I should be concerned with this or not. So, for the time being I'm not! She's happy, healthy, and active. Very active. She's just a skinny mini like her mom....so at least she fits in! She still wears size 2 pants and mostly size 3 shirts. And, she turns 4 in February...so she's petite! 27 lbs and 94 cms tall. She's so strong though! I think she will be a fantastic skier. I can't wait to bring her out this week. I can just see her now....Caate do it! CAATE DO IT!!!!!! HA! Should be interesting!!! I'll post some video to show you how she did.

What else have we been up to? Well, the house is decorated, shopping is very very close to being done. I'll finish up the Christmas baking this week. And next week I'll be packing and cleaning my house as we leave on the 17th to go to our place in the mountains for a week of skiing! My parents will be joining us for about a week and they'll spend Christmas at our house after we're all at Panorama together. So, should be a fantastic Christmas. And so special that we have our little Caate in our lives to celebrate the blessing she has been to us!!! God's greatest gift to us(besides our 2 other special blessings!)

The boys are doing great! The 3 of them together is perfect. They do sooo well together. A match made in heaven! They get a long great....and have quite the blast together. I can't wait to see them all on the ski hill together. They'll be racing eachother down the hill in no time!

Well, that's it for now. I know there should be others things I should be writing about her...but I'm drawing a blank! When I remember I'll post again!

Time to run...I have soccer tonight and we're off to visit TJ's mom and dad. :-)

Until next time!