Monday, October 4, 2010

2 Months Since Gotcha Day!

I don't think much has to be said after those photos....Caate is doing great! I took these just this morning at the park near our house. So many people have commented on how well she fits our family. We totally agree. Caate fits more than perfectly. :-) Yesterday we hiked in the foothills near our place...and she kept up with the boys no problem! You could tell she didn't want Ryden to by the end of the 4 km hike she was leading the pack! :-) What a girl...3 years and almost 8 months...and we didn't carry her ONCE on the hike! There is so much strength and determination in that little body of hers!!!! So fun! So, today we celebrate another milestone. I was thinking the other day about stuff she used to do, and now doesn't. She used to bite her fingers or just put them in her mouth....I can't remember that last time she did that! She definitely uses less Russian words. Certain ones she uses still are just so cute...I hope she will always use them! :-) Today she said a word I couldn't make I said, "is that a Russian word or English word?" She said, English!!! LOL! I totally laughed out loud...I didn't even know she could say the word, ENGLISH! It's amazing what she knows. Her engligh is coming along. I have no idea what is good progress and what is not. But, she's doing fine! She repeats a lot of words...and I think that shows great progress. :-) Anyway, as I said...the pictures do really say it all. She is happy...and that makes the rest of us happy too! :-)

Carala (for all my kiddos and hubby too!)