Thursday, August 26, 2010


As you can see....we got some professional photos done! Some good friends took these photos for us this week, we had a lot of fun! These are only the first couple they sent us as a sneak peak...there will be many more to come. I can't wait to see the rest! :-)

The first picture says it all. Our friends found this wall downtown that had this written on it...and nothing else. And, Caate pointed to the words all on her own. It's like God was saying....see, I took care of you, I helped you through it, and now you have your Caate. And, you NEVER GAVE UP! So many times...we were tempted to. So many valleys that looked like we'd never get out of them. But, God always showed us a way out. Even though it was hardly ever in our timing (the fast route!), we trusted Him (sometimes reluctantly!) and look at the result. Yes, it took 3 years and 7 months...but I have to say...she's SO worth it!

Caate is adorable (as you can see!). She laughs and smiles all the time. She loves to run and play and jump and slide and be a crazy fearless girl! She's definitely our girl! Trennon and Ryden are just loving her. Yes, she gets into Ryden's cars and doesn't want to give Trennon as many hugs and kisses as he'd like...but that's just sibling stuff! She is in crazy love with her brothers and we all think she is just the best. She's a rock star sleeper...does 12 hour nights and doesn't get up to pee even! She's never had an accident and eats everything that's put in front of her. No complaints. Now, I'm sure we'll eventually get some complaints...but for now I'm going to enjoy this! She even naps 2-3 hours every afternoon...could life be better than this? NO! :-)

We were never sure how much we'd get out in the first 4 weeks of having her home. We just weren't sure how the transition would go. Well, she's been so at ease with her "new" life that we've even been out camping for a few nights with her already! And, we've only had her 3 weeks! She LOVED camping...totally her thing. She's an outside girl, loves to bike and loved the pool at the campground. She loves to swim too...we could not have been matched with a more perfect girl for our family! The wait was worth it baby!

So, to families out there...waiting and waiting and waiting for your child to be matched with you, it's for a reason!!! Your child may not be ready for you yet. As much as we cursed at having the change agencies in February...we never would have got matched with Caate if we hadn't have. Caate had a hard adjustment to the orphanage...when she finally started to talk (end of February of this year)...that's when they said she was ready to be placed with an international family. We changed agencies Feb 11 and Feb. 26 we got her proposal. So, God's timing is perfect. And, thankfully I listened to God when He said we needed to change agencies. As scary and difficult as it was to do...we just felt deep down that God was asking us to do this, so we just had to be obedient. To me it didn't make any sense to throw a ton of money down the toilet and all those years were gone. But, He knew what was waiting for us...our beautiful daughter!!! So, hang in there. Keep trusting, keep holding on to hope. Know that God's plan is amazing. And, in the end you will be holding your child and all the pain and agony and despair will be behind you. Adoption is not only for the tough ones, but for those that will also reach out and ask friends and family and those that have gone before you(like us!)...for support. You need a support network to help you through the tough times. Cause, there will be tough times!!!! But, our story is proof that you will make it through! You can do this! So, I just want to encourage you to keep with it...and NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

With much love,

Friday, August 13, 2010

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

My Girl....Caate (pronounced "Kate" :-) )

My Blog is open to everyone once again!

Well, I've decided to re-open my blog to everyone. Since we are home and there is no need to keep our journey privatized.

Hope you all enjoy catching up on our journey! We have been home since Saturday and things are going great with our little Caate! :-)

**I will post soon. I've been extremely tired...go figure, I have 3 children now! LOL! :-)

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

GOTCHA DAY!!!!!!!!!!!


We made it! 3 years and 7 months later...our girl is finally ours for life! We can't tell you how happy we have Caate in our lives. She is so precious, so beautiful, so perfect for our family. She is giving, caring, helpful, determined, creative and passionate! We know it will take time for Caate to blossom into a beautiful flower, but in time she will show us all her beauty that she possesses.

Today we celebrate her! We celebrate the beginning of a new family. And an exciting journey ahead of us! Yes, it won't be without challenges...but we know if we can get through 3 1/2 years of challenges...we can get through anything...with God's help and guidance. And, with the love you all of you, our friends of family. Thank you for being a part of our journey, for always listening when we needed an ear, and always encouraging when the chips were down. We will never forget all the people that helped us get here. To you, we are grateful!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you...from the bottom of our hearts. :-)

And to God...we am thankful!! With Him....all things are possible! Without Him...we never would have found our girl. We figure God must have an amazing plan for Caate, if he went to all this trouble to bring her into our family. :-) We are looking forward to being a family and anxious to see what else God has planned for us.

With love,
Carala, Terence, Trennon, Ryden and Caate! :-)

**when we get some pictures of Caate smiling...I'll post them. So far....we have none! :-)