Monday, June 28, 2010

We're back!

Hey everyone,

We're back safe and sound. It was soooo good to see the boys.

What a crazy week! We had a great time. I hope to write more later...but have so much to do so I can't be long right now.

We have a court date of July we go back on July 16 with our boys. Our facilitator and orphanage staff are excited for the boys to come. They feel that Ekaterina will be put more at ease with them there. We're so happy about that! Also, our host family and their english speaking daughter will sit with our boys outside court! So, my mom will not be going with us. Everything is taken care of, which is amazing. I'm so glad I didn't worry about any of this!!!! Cause there was no need to worry.

About Ekaterina....

She is a sweet sweet sweet girl. And sooo beautiful!!!! Wow! She is very shy and her defenses were up most of the week. So, it was a hard week in a lot of respects...but a wonderful one at the same time. We made some head way with her and could be in her vacinity more towards the end. We did have some special moments with her that we will never forget. I got to play soccer with her(and throw the ball) and she had a big smile on her face to whole time. Terence got to hold her and 3 of her friends at one time and spin them around. It's these small but amazing moments we will never forget. As much as we would have loved to hold her and throw her in the air and just be close to her...we know that will take time. Lots of time. But, we were much closer to her after the 9th visit verses the first visit where she screamed and wouldn't even look at us.

Since Ekaterina didn't let her be close to her...we got to spend lots of time getting to know her group (the kids she lives with!). There are about 10-12 of them and they LOVED us from the very start. It was so crazy...cause everyone at the orphanage bonded to us from the start...except our duaghter. We know the pressure she had on her this week and we know how much she wanted to just throw her arms around us like her friends. I can't imagine the heart ache she went through this week. I could have cried the whole week...but I held it together. (that's a big thing for me!). I felt so sad for her and I understood why she was the way she was. She's been through a lot in her 3 years of life. I get it. But, it was still hard to stand back and give her space. The mama in me just wanted to go hold her and love her and kiss her and hug her. It took all the was in just let her be. The great thing is....she has attached to all the caregivers and LOVES them deeply. And they are soooo happy she has found her forever family. :-)

Sorry this is short...but there is so much to do in the next few weeks.

One last thing.....Ekaterina took my hand at the end of one of our visits and brought me inside and all the way up to show us her area where they have locker for their outside clothes and where their play room is. We haven't seen her room yet...but hopefully next trip! :-) what a sweet, beautiful, smart, and helpful girl she is! So happy to call her mine.... :-)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

the count down is on!!!

So, it's been one busy week. Lots to do to get ready to go! Tying loose ends up and getting the house ready for my mom to arrive to take care of the boys. I'm run off my feet...but it's going well. :-)

I have 132 hours left before we meet our daughter for the first time. You don't know how good that feels to say it in hours...and not days!!!!!! :-) We leave Sunday and come back the following Sunday. It's going to be one quick trip...but hopefully it won't be more than 4-8 weeks before we go back.

Anyway, just a quick one to let you all know we're alive...just a little busy. :-)

We won't have internet while we are I won't be updating my blog. I will do some posts when I return.


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

the latest...

So, we moving along here. We received our passports back with the VISAS in them! So happy to get them back in our possession! Courier companies ALWAYS make me nervous! :-)

We had to go to our local police...the other thing we tried didn't work out. It looked so different than the local police report we just didn't want to take a chance. So, we went down to the Calgary police department on Monday a.m....and showerd our travek itinerary (thanks for the tip Carla!) and they said it would be done in a week. So, Monday I just have to go downtown and pick it up! SOOOOOO happy. Oh, and we were just told that there are 2 even though 1 is closing for 2 weeks...the other is open. So, we will have no problem getting the legalizing done etc. Don't ask me why they even told us the one was closing. What does it matter if there is another one open? I think I missed something in all of that. Anyway! We are just happy that we will get a lot of this done with no issues. We sent our medicals to our agency so they can start on that stuff. We won't get our social workers licence for a bit that is all we are waiting on at this point. I hope we can get it before we go. But, I am not worried. I feel pretty relaxed. EXHAUSTED, but relaxed! :-) Everything will come. God has taken great care of everything. And, it's all coming together!

So, that's the update! We have 11 days to go!! Still doesn't feel real. I can't believe it yet. It's just so unreal. So, pray for us. We have lots to do before we go. Lots to plan for and lots of loose ends to tie up (with leaving the boys with my mom). But, that will come too. It's just tiring...and I am already tired. But, my girl is sooo worth it! :-) I am looking forward to the time between trips. Yes, there will be things to do, but the boys will be off and we won't have all the running around to do for soccer and t-ball! :-)

Anyway, must go to bed. I am exhausted! :-)


Friday, June 4, 2010


Well, here we are again. Having to update all our docs...medicals, criminals, and new social worker license that we just found out expires at the end of June. Great timing all around! Just LOVE the updating! (NOT!)

Yes, it's been stressful. But, God is good. I found an agency that can do crim checks in 3 days...and they cost less than going to your own cop shop. Plus, they work over the weekend. SWEET! So, hopefully by Tuesday or Wednesday we'll have those back...and our medicals are done. So, we wait a couple weeks for our social worker's license to come in...and then, VOILA! Ya, sounds sooo easy doesn't it. Ya, not. I've been so stressed...since I wasn't expecting to have to do them again so soon. But, everything expires after 3 months...ya, forgot about that! Oh well, God is good and is giving me a bit of sanity in all of this. I can feel the prayers of others and I know....that in 2 week and 2 days...we'll be on a plane to Russia. SO! How can you NOT be happy?! :-)

To my darling girl,

Yes, this has been a rough road...but for you, I'd do anything. :-) We love you, and are counting down the days til we get to hold you and play with you. Some days (most days!) I still feel like we're in a dream world. Is this really happening? It feels too good to be true. But, we have our tickets booked and we're gathering up clothes(thanks to your Auntie Kristen and Uncle Karmen) and some toys to take to your orphanage. I hope you like some of the things we bought. We'll get to do bubbles together and puzzles and play with the bear the boys made you. I can't wait! I hope this day of meeting us won't be too scary for you. Of course I dream of a perfect day...but I know how scared you will be. Know, I understand. :-) I'm a little scared too! :-) But, it will be soooo fun when we get to just play together and hopefully I'll get some hugs and kisses too! You girl, are so worth every hurdle we are having to jump over! Yes, I may complain and shed a few tears...but they because I just want you home and it's all of these things that are standing in our way to make that happen! We love you, and we are sooooo excited to jump on that plane and then make that first walk up to your orphanage. I've dreamed about it a million times...and finally a dream is going to become a reality! It's only because of God's great love for you, that this dream is going to happen. We can't wait to share God's amazing love with you, sweet daughter of ours. Sweet dreams, and soon we'll get to walk hand in hand. :-)

your forever mama

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Plane tickets purchased!!!!


We just purchased 2 tickets to Russia! We leave June 20th and arrive back June 27th. Wahooooo!

I did medicals today...and on Thursday we'll go get our criminals done again. Oh the fun.

Visas should be back next week by Wednesday for sure. We seem to be ready to's kind of strange.

Well, besides the house is a disaster and I have to clean and bake food for my mom while she is here with the boys. And, I have a bazillion field trips to go on with the boys before school is out and I have coffee meetings and a 6 year old birthday party to throw this weekend, and soccer tournaments and, and, and, get the picture! (and that's only the stuff I can remember off hand! LOL )

Oh well, it will get done...or it won't. Either way....we're going to Russia baby to meet our daughter!!!!!!!!

Happy dance oh happy dance! :-)


Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The day has finally arrived, June 1st, 2010. We are allowed to finally go meet our daughter. We need to be there June we will either fly June 19th or 20th...whatever is cheaper! And, we'll come back sometime after the 26th. Time to book flights! I'm just waiting on a couple different agents!

Sooooooooo excited!!!!!!!! :-)