Thursday, May 27, 2010


We get to apply for our visas!!!!!! We aren't 100% confirmed yet with our travel dates, but hopefully by tomorrow we will be! I'm sooo excited! June 19 or 20 should be our travel date!

WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! WE'RE GOING TO MEET OUR DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, gotta run. House to clean and visas to apply for!

a VERY VERY happy mama!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 news yet. :-(

Well, it's Wednesday...and no news. Although we're sure we'll be leaving June 19th or 20th...we really don't know. It's crazy even to think we're leaving...cause so much changes so quickly in Russia. For all we know...we could get delayed. But, we just have to trust that God knows...and will be our strength no matter what happens.

If I was to think optimistically...I would think....WE'RE LEAVING IN 3 WEEKS!!!! We're going to touch and hold and play with our daughter!!!!! My eyes sting with tears when I think about that. It just doesn't seem real. I feel like we're in this holding pattern. Circling, circling and circling some more. Just waiting our turn...and to think...our turn is just around the corner. Wow. Pretty neat. Amazing. Unbelieveable. Incredible.

So excited to book tickets! So excited to get this show on the road! So over the moon to meet my girl. To stand face to face...watching her, watching me. To see her reaction when we show her "Hope" the bear that her brothers made her. To show her pictures of her brothers...I just wonder what she's going to think. I wish I could be in her head, to see what she's thinking at that moment. Does she even believe that we're really going to love her, for real?! If she only could know how hard we've all worked and sacraficed for her...just because we love her....and only her. There's no one else we are doing this for. We want her and long to love her. If she could only understand. It will be a sweet sweet day...when we walk away from her orphanage. Knowing she will never have to go back. Yes, one day we hope to visit again, when she is ready. But, to leave that day...and know she is ours and we are hers. To know the end is near, is within our's hard to even imagine let alone get our minds around. Yes, our adoption journey was never supposed to be this long or hard....but in the end it was sooooo worth ever bump, hurdle and mountain that we had to get over. God is good. He took care of us all the way through. No matter how frustrated I got or longed to just let it be over....he gave us the strength to get through another day. And one day at a time, we got here. 12 hundred and 44 days....1 day at a time. And yet...we are not done living it out 1 day at a time. We still have months before she will be ours forever. I think the hardest will be waiting to go back to see her after holding her and loving her during Trip #1. I hear it's the worst part actually. Can you imagine loving your children...and then have to leave them for an indefinite number of months? Yes, we hope we will only have to leave for her for 2 months...but we don't know that for sure. Anything can happen. I know it will be a difficult 2 months...but if I've gotten through the last 1244 days...I know God can get me through another 60 more. I think it would be like running a marathon (not that I've run one or anything, but only could imagine) get to the last 5 kms...and think...really, they had to put a hill this late in the course? Really? Did they realize how tired I am? Well, that's us. Tired and ready to be done...yet we know we have a big hill to climb before the finish. With God at our side, we will do it! We will make it...I have no doubt about that. :-)

The party is around the corner folks! I look forward to that day... :-)

with love,

Friday, May 21, 2010

still waiting...

well, nothing much new here. Still waiting for our dates of travel. I'm not really expecting them till the end of next week anyway. But, if a week could was this one. It seemed like it went in slow motion. I spent the week trying to hash out what flights we should take and what amazing price we would get! LOL! Ya, I figured out the flight we'd like....but the price, not so nice. And, as time goes on I'm sure it's only going to go higher unfortunately. But, what can we do? Not much. So, we will pay what we have to pay.

Yesterday I went shopping...yes, I broke down and bought PINK! I really don't have a choice. It's all pretty much pink out there. And personally...if anyone is going to look good in's my girl. With her black beautiful thick hair and her brown eyes....she will look so adorable in pink. I did buy this cute purple tie dyed dress with leggings....adorable. And, I got the cutest jeans that flare at the bottom (I LOVE jeans!)...of course I bought them in 2 sizes! I'm trying to figure out how many outfits to bring...not too many of course. It's hard to decide! I'm trying not to buy too much stuff cause I don't know exactly which size she will wear yet. When I do know after trip #1 then I can go alittle more crazy. And, I do want to wait until fall clothes come out cause she will hopefully be home in the early fall. Fall is my favorite season for clothes...nice warm sweaters and cords...and jeans of course! So fun. I think I will enjoy buying her fall clothes more than summer. I also found this weaved purse with flowers on it and little tassles. I can't wait to fill it with stuff that little girls love! And, I bought her, her first doll. She is so cute with dark brown hair (and short like hers!) and brown eyes just like her! And, of course a "my little pony". I never had them as a kid...but I think she'll love it. I need a "bag of tricks" to play with while we are there on trip #1. Hopefully she'll really be into one of those things. You just never know what she'll be into.

Well, that's what I've been up to. Just trying to pass the time. The boys seem to be picking up the Russian better than myself! Not surprised if they're anything like their dada! He definitely has a better grasp on lauguages than myself. But, it's going ok. I'm a little nervous about communicating. But, I know it will be fine. We will play plya play...and I know that will make her happy. I keep wondering how our visits will go? Will she even like us? I've heard all sorts of stories about first visits. Some go well...some not so well. I wonder how it will go for us? I just hope she will at least let me hold her by the end of first trip. I know I've been dreaming of this for sooooo long. But, she hasn't. So, it will be interesting. I'm so glad Terence and I will be together. He is sooo great with this age in particular. Kids just go to him. :-) And, I loved when the boys were 3! Such a great age. :-)

.....wahooooooo, my girls bedding just arrived!!!!! It's been 3 months of issues...but it finally made it here! I'm was soooo happy I even cried! Finally...our house is going from a boys only a little bit of girl. :-) See the picture below! I can't wait to finish her room...we've been waiting for her bedding so we can start her room with paint, furniture and decorating! Soooo fun!

Anyway, that's it....

Until next week!

Friday, May 14, 2010

tentitive date!!!!!

So, quick post cause we're heading camping right now!

We have a tentitive date of June 21 or 22 to be in RUssia. So, would mean traveling either June 18/19/20 to get there in time.

Ryden's Kindergarten grad is June we NEED you all to pray (if you are the praying kind!) that we don't have to leave until June 19th at the earliest!!!!! I don't want to miss it!!!!! So pray folks!!! Thank you!

We will know for sure at the end of the another 2 weeks to wait! I'm getting good at this waiting thing! But, this is good news! One step at a time. :-)
Unfortunately we can't book plane tickets, we're a bit worried about the cost as it's peak travel season in Europe. So, you can pray about that too! thanks!

..Carala (a very VERY happy mama today!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

She is sooooo adorable!!!!

I almost hugged the puralator man when he came. He said I must be excited about something if I opened the door so quickly! Yes, just a little happy! He was so happy for us and said he doesn't normally get such happy people greeting him! :-)

She is soooo shy. She never smiled in the video...but just did some educational puzzles and followed every instruction perfectly without a sound. It would have been nice to hear her cute little voice...but even so, I am sooooooooo excited to just have a video of her! She is a smart cookie! She had no problem doing the puzzles at all. :-) She is perfect in every way.

I am in a puddle of tears. This is the girl, who we almost declined!!! Well, we did decline, until my friend S. told me about her visit with her and so we felt we should at least travel to visit this little girl. Man, I can't imagine if we would have missed out on having her in our lives!! Already I know how perfectly she will fit into our family! The boys are going to LOVE her as their sister. She has already filled my heart right to the top. I can't wait to hold her little hand, to hug her and play with her. To show her how special she is and that she deserves to be loved with a special love that we are dying to give her.

I am so thankful to God for giving us this special gift today! Yes, it may be ugly and snowy outside...but inside this house it is full of love and excitement. I can't wait for the boys to come home from school! What a party we are going to have!

Thank you all for your prayers, for your love and for all your support. There have been few times in our adoption journey that we have had reason to celebrate! Today is one of those days!!!!! We hit the jackpot today! Nobody gets videos. And it was 6 minutes 23 seconds worth of her, our daughter! So amazing! I know this will help us get through until we are able to travel. :-)

Thank you God for this special gift. :-) You are so incredible!

To my sweet darling, most amazing daughter,

I love you, and as I watch your video I can totally see that you will fit into our family. God made you for us, and us for you. You are so beautiful inside and out and a very smart cookie! I am so thankful that you will soon be in our lives, forever. And, I want you to know, that you were so worth the wait! Our journey to you, started days before you were born....and now God is finally bringing us together, forever. I love you, and can't wait to finally meet you!
your forever Mama. :-)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DMP report and the soon to see video!

Well, it was a great day today! We received the DMP report (district Medical Practitioner) They assessed our girl on April 7, 2010. It had a little more to say then the first medical we got in February, so that was nice. A little more about the birth mom and a little more about her. So, all in all I am one happy mama today!

And, tomorrow...I will be even happier! We will get a video from our agency of our girl tomorrow!!!!! We will see her walk, maybe talk, but hopefully smile...for the very first time!! So stoked! I don't know if I'll sleep tonight! It's like seeing your baby for the first time. The anticipation of what they'll be like. We've seen many pictures of our girl...but not a girl that is alive and moving. We feel so blessed to be with this region and to have so many that have gone before us, to help us through by bringing back videos and pictures of our daughter. I hope one day, we will be able to do the same for another family. :-)

So, to happy days at the Jellema's!!! I am really enjoying all the blessings God is bestowing on us. Like Trennon said today, the wind was blowing hard all night for a reason.(we had 90km an hour winds!) He was movin' mountains! Yes, He was. Today's gift of the medical and tomorrow's gift of the video are from God. A sampling of the little life that will ours soon. :-) I am a very very very happy mama! :-)

With much love,

Sunday, May 2, 2010

another short update...

Well, we had the most incredible time at the Christian Alliance for Orphans Summit! WOW! It's hard to even sum it up! I will do another post soon about our experience, but for now I just wanted to send a quick update on our adoption.

We don't know anything official yet. Our dossier should be in Russia by now, and hopefully this coming week or next so should get our travel dates. I can't believe it's MAY! Wow!

A friend of ours just came back with their new daughter from the same orphanage last week!!!! I am soooo happy for their family. It must be so amazing to be done this process and now start a new chapter in their lives. S., I am soooo happy for you! Know you are in my prayers and thoughts as you embark on this great journey of being a mom! The rewards are great and the fun has just begun!!!

S. also took some video of our daughter, soooooo...we are anxiously waiting to get the clips. They were taken with someone else's video camera, so it may take a few days to get the video. We are trying our best to be patient! :-) I can't wait though! To see our girl in action! WOW! I know I'm going to ball! I hear she is a smart cookie and very shy. But, "lights up like a Christmas tree", as S. put it, when she's with her friends and other children! :-0 Aweeeeee, just like her mama! :-) I was a very VERY shy child. So, this is sooo exciting for me. What a blessing to have someone that has spent some time with our girl. God is so good to us. He has given us a gift most pre-adotive parents don't get before they adopt. To have first hand info, pictures and video of their child. It's unheard of with most Russian adoptions. We feel so blessed! It really has given me the "ok" to fall hard for this little one. I love her more and more every day. I've let my guard down a lot in 2 months. I know God has given me the ability to just let go and trust Him. I'm not scared to love her and give my heart to her anymore. I am thankful for that! :-)

Well, time to go. Amazing race "date" with my honey! :-)