Sunday, February 28, 2010

under construction! Time for a facelift!

Hey folks,

I'm taking my blog offline while I do some "construction" on my blog over the next couple days. Hopefully sometime Tuesday it will be up and running. Don't worry, I'll be back! :-)

I probably won't take it offline until tomorrow when I have time to work on it.

Please keep us in your prayers this week as we are making some big decisions regarding our adoption journey.



Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Story of Hope...

Some days I sit down to write on my blog...and I just don't know what to write. So, then I don't. I'd love to write more...but I don't always want my blog to just be about the pain of this adoption. I want to focus on the hope that it brings. The love that we have for our daughter, for our family. For the hopes God has for us. I want our daughter to know this is all worth it. That the pain doesn't mean she's not worth going through all that for her. I want her to know that despite the mountains we've had to climb time and time again...we won't stop climbing them for her, for our family.

So, today...I'm writing a story of hope. A hope that is building because of Jesus. He has given us such hope...even in times when we feel like the road is long and the mountains are getting higher, not lower. I know that the ending to this story of hope and love will be incredible.

I long to hear the phone ring...and our social worker on the end of the line have a daughter. I long to wrap my arms around my girl for the first time and know in my heart it was all worth it. I long to take the last trip home...knowing when we get to the airport with our girl, our family and friends will be there to greet us as a family of 5, not 4. For them to share in our joy...because we could never have made it without all of them standing with us through thick and thin. I long for us to go camping together, to hike a mountain, to share our Panorama vacation home with her. To live life knowing that we don't have to fight another day...because she is here to stay. So many hopes, so many dreams. I can not wait for that day.

Today we have hope! Hope that God is working miracles behind the scenes while we go about our day. That this very moment, He is making moves we can't even fathom. Moving mountains that only He can move. We have hope that no matter how many mountains stand in our way, no mountain can stand in His way!! He is a miracle worker! And I can't wait to see a miracle happen with our adoption!

So, that is what's on my heart today. I am enjoying being home with our boys cause they are on a school break this week. Sleeping in, drinking coffee, making biscuits for breakfast, and of course watching the olympics! GO CANADA!!!!! It's going to be a great week.

Tonight, we will work on our homestudy. Updating it because everything has expired. Terence was sick all weekend so we didn't end up working on it. Tonight is our night to get it DONE! Then it goes to our social worker, then to our government. It could take 2 months to get back to us. They are back logged. But, God knows. God has a plan. And, we can't hurry we wait. :-)

thanks for caring, for praying, for standing by us.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

back to the drawing board....

Here's an update:

It's been a long week. After talking with our agency several times over the last week....we are now at a conclusion that we SHOULD open a 2nd region. The region we are in does not have any healthy girls in our age range...10 months to 3 years. So, they recommend we start on a 2nd region. So, we think we have no choice but to do this. Though, last week we had decided not to. We're just a little tired of this. Anyway, that is the update. The clock starts back at zero and off we go again. New region, Almost 12 months in Vlad...wasted. Unless a miracle happens and a girl comes available. It's disappointing and frustrating. It's the story of our lives. Just plain ol' tiring, exhausting, frustrating, and unbelieveably hard on our family. It seems never ending. And, the cost just keep going up and up and up. We're not made of money.

Maybe not the best day to update my blog. I'm tired. But, this is reality. Adoption isn't fluffy and's down right hard! So, there you have it! My girl is worth all'd better believe it! We will get her home...I will fight everyone that is pushing back, I will do what it takes to bring her home.

Thanks everyone for praying! If you could pray specifically that if we are to adopt in our region (Vlad)...that a referral will come through in the next few months? It would take a miracle...but we know that is possible! We really think our girl is there. It's hard to move on when your heart is there. But, if she isn't....please pray our hearts will be able to move on. We probably will decide on a new region in the next month or so. Thank you for keeping us in your prayers. :-)


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

11 Months and counting...

Well, 11 Months. Where to begin. There has been a lot running through my head over the last week. We were both a little overwhelmed with what we should do at this stage of the game. With a lot of prayer and talking with our agency...we decided against opening a 2nd region. We thought all a long we would want to do this. But, at this point, we are hopeful something good will come from Vlad. We may not hear anything for the next 4-5 months...or we may. It's all a gamble. But, we feel happy with our decision. The next step for us...waiting. And, we definitely know how to do that very well! :-)

Time and time again I have seen God work out his perfect plan in His perfect timing. Why would I doubt that now? He knows our hearts, He knows our struggle, He knows the longing in our heart for our little girl. Just because she is not here with us, does not mean He doesn't want her to be with us. I know when all is right and all is perfect...our darling little babe will come into our lives.

What I love about having a relationship with an amazing God is that I don't have to worry. He is taking care of everything...I just have to listen to his ever so quiet voice and be ready to respond to his leading in our lives. The more time I spend with Him, the more I feel at peace in my heart. It's when I'm not spending time with Him, that I don't hear him speaking to me. And, so...I almost went crazy on the weekend cause I didn't know what we should do. And, when I spent time praying and was then that I knew what our decision needed to be. A weight was lifted from my shoulders, and I really felt like I could breath again. I love that I have a God I can go to and know He will bring me this unexplainable peace in my life. So amazing. :-)

Anyway, there you have it in a nut shell. More waiting! Maybe not what you wanted to hear for us. But, keep praying! Just like all of you who have your kids know it never goes as planned...but in the end it is perfect and well worth waiting for! :-)

Thanks for journeying with us! You are the best!


**ps. You may be wondering why I haven't privatized my blog yet. Well, I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that. So, for now, it will be left the way it is. Sorry to those that have written privately and I haven't gotten back to you...we've had a lot going on and I wasn't sure what to say. For now, we'll leave it as is.