Tuesday, October 27, 2009

8 months!

Wow! 8 Months already! Another month closer to our girl. I'm sooo happy this first year of waiting is 3/4 done. My feeling is that it will take over a year for sure to get a referral. My feelings waiver though. Some days I think it's going to happen in the early New Year(Feb '10) and then I hear about slow downs in our region and then I want to protect my heart and think...maybe not until summer or fall. I'd love to have her home by summer. That would be perfect! But, when does anything ever go perfect in this world. NEVER. So, we keep praying and asking and trusting God. We know we're getting so close now! :-)

The most recent news is that our region is slowing down at the moment. What does that mean? Good question. I don't know the answer though. Their explanation is that more Russians are adopting in our region...but I don't know. There could be a million reasons. Our region has been the most consistant in Russia with referrals. I just pray that this won't affect our timeline. That we won't be sitting here this time next year...wondering where our girl is.

So, Christmas has started. The other day we put on Christmas music! The boys were so excited...November 1st! They are already asking when the tree is going up. Thanksfully not until the first weekend in December. It's our tradition. It would be fun to start a Russia tradition...I'd guess I'd better start doing some research on that....I'm sure I could bake something Russian. Any ideas anyone? I know we'll celebrate Russian Christmas as well in January. Lots to think about!

Well, I have to get organizing the boys toys. We are making the loft, where the boys have their toys upstairs, Trennon's room! This is all in preparation for their sister coming home. She will have the room Trennon is in right now. When his room is ready, then we will paint and decorate her's! So exciting! That also means the toys have got to go somewhere and I need to figure that out today. Plus, it's time to chuck toys, or at least give them away. Today is a good day to do it because both boys are at school and they won't sit here whining about all the toys I'm giving away!!! I've been wanting to do this for awhile...they are growing out of their toys and now don't play with a ton of stuff. It's a lot of lego and cars. And Trennon really is into reading books. So, I'm thinking he will need a book shelf in his room for all his books! So fun!

Have a great day everyone! And be thankful for all you've been blessed with. No matter where you are in the process of adopting, be thankful! God has a plan, a beautiful plan, and keep trusting that you are where he wants you to be. We are approaching 3 years in this adoption process...believe me I've had my impatient days! But, I KNOW that God has us where we're at for a reason...and I just keep trusting that our girl will come to us when He says it's the time. I keep praising God in the "storms" of this adoption and I know He is never going to give up on this adoption. God will help helping us through it to the end. So, chin up guys! God is good! :-)


Friday, October 23, 2009


Nothing new....so I just thought I'd post some pics. This was from our last camping trip of the season. It was a beautiful weekend at Mt. Kidd! We are praying that the next time we pull out our trailer....our girl will be with us! Darling daughter...your bed in the trailer is ready for you, we can't wait to share our love for camping and the great outdoors with you!!!

Ryden...always a smile, always there to make you laugh, always my little boy.

me and my sweet, adorable, lovable, hugable....boys!

My last big run before the race...

Terence...my rock, the love of my life, and the best father in the world!

Trennon...the boy with endless hugs, kisses and has a heart of gold.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Our weekend in Victoria

Well, it's been over a week since we've been back from our RUN FOR CHOICES weekend! Time has just flown! We had a great time in Victoria. We got up at 5am on Sunday morning and was the start line in plenty of time...probably too early. I was frozen by then! It was about 2 degrees out and my little body was numb! A long sleeved shirt and crop pants just didn't cut it for that kind of weather. Plus, it's a damp cold out there right along the ocean...so you can imagine how cold it would have felt! The race started at 7:15am! Yes, kind of early if you'd ask me. Everyone said I'd warm up...but I never did! The cup of water spilling over my hands at kilometer #3 didn't exactly help! LOL! But, the race went so well. I ran faster than I've ever ran before...I ran 8km in 42 minutes! Terence ran it in 48 minutes, which was impressive!! The course ran along the ocean..which was amazing! I got teary eyed the moment I saw the ocean...cause I knew on the other side was my girl...sitting in an orphanage. Nothing between us, just water. (For those of you who don't know, Victoria is on the Western coast of Canada and Vladivostok is on the eastern Coast of Russia.) I could just feel her in my heart, cheering me on. I was so thankful when I saw the finish line and all those people! :-) There were 2500 people running the 8km race...and I placed 435 over all, I was the 183rd women to cross the finish line and 16th in my age group with over 150 women. I couldn't have hoped for better! Not bad for someone who started training on September 1st! LOL!

The highlight of the weekend was deifnitely meeting CHOICES Adoption, our agency. We've been with them for over 2 years now. It was so wonderful to put names to faces. We saw them several times over the coarse of the weekend. It really brought the reality of this adoption to life! It's already October(mid!) and Spring isn't that many months away. We hope to get a referal by then. I'm even hoping for February! Who knows though, anything can happen. It's nice to know that Vlad is going well and that referals continue to come in for families. Soon, it will be our turn! And what an incredible day that will be!

This fall has been pretty good...other than it's getting colder and colder outside! LOL! I'm nursing a back injury from shovelling heavy snow last week. It's all gone now...but I see piles of dirt in our yard...meaning the mice are digging their tunnels so it's time to do some trapping before they hide away for the winter! It never ends! But, I'm glad I will be kept busy now til Christmas. When January hits we'll be in the home stretch! God has been sooo good to us. We're excited where we are at and hopeful for the future. This adoption IS going to happen! My girl IS coming home! It's sooo good to be in the home stretch. For so long I wondered when we'd ever get here. Now, we are and it feels good. :-)

Thank you all for praying, for following along on our journey. Thank you all who sponsored our Run for Choices Adoption, it is so appreciated!! :-)

Have a wonderful day!


Monday, October 5, 2009

time to RUN!

I always feel the urge to RUN, when another adoptive family gets a referral. Run meaning, run a 8km race, or run in a soccer game. Not, run away! LOL! This is a new thing for me. I've been preparing for our 8km run for Choices Adoption this Sunday, so it's now becoming my "outlet" for when I start to miss my daughter. It just so happens that whenever another one of my blogger friends or another one of my adoptive families that I know gets a referral....I choke up! Half due to such happiness that another little one has a mama and a dada and half due to the fact that I am reminded again that my daughter still doesn't know who I am and that she's STILL all alone. So, I cry for a minute...then I tell myself. Buck up, and go for a run. So, thankfully tonight I have my first indoor soccer game of the season that I can run til I'm too tired to cry. I miss my daughter, more than I can say with words. And, it seems that every week, a family gets a referral from somewhere...just not us. So, I keep running (hopefully in the right direction!)...like all the time! So today I'm so thankful another little man is going to meet his family in a few weeks! And, there will be a new mama and a new dada in the world...and that is a sweet sweet thing!

So, if you're saying your prayers tonight, tomorrow, or whenever. Could you pray that God would be close to our daughter so she doesn't feel alone. Cause if I was her, I'm feel alone without a mama or a dada. :-(



Friday, October 2, 2009

7 Months and counting....

Well, it's been 7 months since our documents got to Russia. I'd love to know where they are. Are they on a shelf collecting dust? Are they on the top of a pile...or the bottom? :-( Has anyone even looked at our file? Do they know how much we are longing for our girl to come home? Do they realize how long we've been waiting? I pray that they've at least opened our file and are searching for the best girl for our family.

We prayed tonight for our girl. Like we do every night. But tonight we prayed that she would not feel lonely. That God will fill her with His love. She MUST long to be loved and held? Or does she have so many walls up she doesn't "feel" anymore? Oh how this hurts a mama's heart to think and feel all these things. I just need to keep trusting that God's plan is perfect. That his plan for her homecoming and her arrival into our lives is perfect. Absolutely perfect!

I didn't know how I'd feel 7 months into this. I personally feel that we are half way there. Well, hopefully over half way there! I think I can do another 7 months! At least it hasn't killed me! :-) It feels like just yesterday it was 6 months...so thankfully God has given me the ability to believe time is cruising by! He has given me hope really! Hope that it is going to happen...soon. So, I keep trusting, keep hoping, keep telling myself His plan is perfect!

It's only 9 days til our big RUN! I made it through another 8km run today! I didn't feel like going...but I was sure glad I did! It feels so good. And, it's time for me to dream about my daughter. :-) Not that I don't do enough of that anyway...but it's time for me to pray for her, and spend time dreaming of the day we get to hold her! What else would I think about during a 45 minute run?! I find it quite boring otherwise! Just not my first love...but I love that I'm doing it for a great reason...for our agency who is making our dreams come true...and for our girl! Hopefully we raise a lot of money for our agency! It's not easy these days for agencies.

Well! That's it for my 7 month update! Not much new I'm sad to report. Hopefully one of these months I'll have some exciting news to share! :-)

Until then...