Thursday, August 20, 2009

post #102

So, I had always planned to do a big post on POST #100!!!! But....that has come and gone as you can see. I guess I did a few more over the summer than expected! Oh well! And, I also had planned to put a BIG "5" on a post for 5 MONTHS of waiting...but that also has come and gone. I think this summer has me a little scatter brained! LOL! So, here we sit, 102 posts in and 5 months 2 weeks and 3 days since our stuff went to Russia....and no news. :-( Today has been one of those days where I feel I am in a daze. I should be outside enjoying the hot sun as we all know it's not going to last very long. But, I did a little of that some of my was nice. But, I just kept thinking of my girl. It's like the biggest surprise I'll ever have in my life! What does she look like? With our boys...we could kind of imagine...but with her? It's like, who knows?! And, we have no idea what age she'll be either. 18 months to 3 years is a lot of difference. I just want her here with us...enjoying this nice summer day. I almost feel like I can't enjoy the sun today. All I think about is how much she would love it here, loving our grass, play structure, ice cream, going on the slide, loving her brothers and how entertaining they are! Anyway, that's my thoughts today.

I've also thought about the "call" that we'll get from our government saying "we have your girl!" It will be so unbelievable! So incredible! I think I'll run to the school and pull the boys out for the rest of the day! At least that's what Trennon says I should do! :-) Then we'll go visit Terence at work and yank him out of a meeting!! How fun! Then Trennon says we'll let them stay up late cause we'll want to talk about her all night and look at her picture! I love his excitement and how much he is dying for his sister to come home. His prayer last night ended like this "...and thank you God for giving me a mama, dada, brother and SISTER that loves me so much." Ok, I just got the big old tears in my eyes.... I just wish God would scoop up our girl and deliver her to us. He can do that you know?! Though I'm sure it's not in His plan at the moment(hee hee!) I just wish it could be that easy. I've learned a lot in the last 2 years about God....He's not always quick..well, pretty much NEVER quick! :-) I'm just sooooo tired of it. I remember when my friend K who adopted from Russia was getting very ansy and just wanted her "call" to come. It was long after....she got the call. It was so cool to join her in her journey and now they are home safe and sound. I have other friends that are in China right now picking up their girl....God has blessed them with such a sweet heart! I love these stories...cause they're stories of HOPE! One day....we too will have our own story! So, we wait for the day.....


Monday, August 17, 2009

nothing new...

Well, it's been 5 1/2 months now of waiting. Nothing is new. Haven't talked with our agency. Just waiting... We just got back from a bunch of holidaying. It was fun...but we're glad to be home. I am anxious for school to start now. It's time to get school supplies this week with anticipation of school starting in just 2 weeks! I knew the summer would go fast...and it has! But, it's been fun.

I'm glad we almost have 6 months of waiting under our belts. I feel pretty good about it. Life is good, God is good, and I feel like I'm really coming out of this valley I've been in this summer. You know when God says, "I won't give you more than you can handle?" Well, He's been pulling me out of the "dark" and into a very nice place. I have this peace. Though times I still struggle with the wait, I have this hope within me. God is good. :-)

In the month of July so many of my friends received referrals or went to get their children. It was so exciting to see God work miracles with their lives...but also very difficult for me at the same time. As you can imagine. But, I know our turn is coming. I know God is teaching Terence and I patience...and I know it must be for a very good reason. Something we must need at some point in our future. So, I am very truly thankful that God brought us through that very difficult time in June/July. No pain, no gain...right?! I am excited about our future! I'm excited about this fall and seeing both my boys in school. I will have a couple days a week to do some stuff for myself and to get ready for our girl to come home. I think God knew I needed this time. Ryden will be in school 2 full days a week(for K) and then in January they add Fridays full day. So, after 7 years of being home with my boys...I will get some "free time"!!! I am sooo looking forward to this! Though, I know I have so much to do in getting ready for our girl...I am also going to join a squash club or something like that. I need some "me time" in there as well!

Anyway, time to make breaky and get ready for the boys swimming lessons...which I enjoy so much!

Hope everyone enjoyed their summer! Though a cold and rainy one for us western was still fun!