Thursday, March 26, 2009

Dossier Registered!

I just heard that our dossier has been registered in Vladivostok! I'm not sure when it was...but our agency is going to find that out for us. Wow, great news! Now, we wait for a referral! Yes, it could be a year...but we really are praying for a miracle to happen. It would be so wonderful to meet our daughter in '09...or better yet to have her home...but we will just trust God with the timing of all these things. Thankfully we have summer coming up...and lots of family reunions planned and camping trips! It will be a good way to distract us from watching the, we're not doing that! But, I'm sure there will come a day when I will want to! ;-)

I always thought my grandma would meet our daughter. My Grandma is 89...and was in great health considering her age. Then on Sunday she had a stroke and is in the hospital 7 hours away. She isn't expected to live long...they are keeping her comfortable. But, we know the day is almost here when Jesus will take her a place that she's been longer for, for sooo long. My Grandpa has been gone 14 years now...and I'm sure she misses him dearly.

Today we got to "talk" to her on the phone...or should I say...I talked and she listened. It was nice to be able tell her I loved her...even though I know she knows it. Ryden sang her "Slippery Fish"...his favorate song from pre-school and also a Veggie Tales song. Grandma's eyes got so big when Ryden was mom said she LOVEd it. It was only a few weeks ago all 4 of us sat in her room chatting with her and giving her big hugs. Trennon got to write in her book beside her bed that she jots in every day. Ryden drew a picture. She has a very keen mind and has the most wonderful hand writing. My Grandparents were missionaries for over 40 years in Northern Saskatchewan to the Native people and my grandma did a lot of writing over the years.

Thankfully my mom reminded us to take the we have some wonderful pictures of all of us. I think I'll post one with this note. My Grandma loved seeing the boys on our visit and thought they were just two wonderful little men. (I tend to agree!) She is such a happy lady and always puts Christ first in her life. Those are two things I love about my Grandma!

I thought I was going to get through this day without crying...but...I was wrong! :-) It was nice to get some good adoption news today though...we will be celebrating that tonight! :-)


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Loose Tooth!

Today Trennon is 6 ½! He was so excited this morning…cause he’s losing his first tooth! It’s pretty wiggly and could come out today…we’ll see. I’m lovin’ these days. It’s fun to see the milestones they are making. Ryden is so into words these days and writing his letters out. He’ll sit on his own and practices copying words on his dry-erase board. I love it! J It’s these things that keep my mind occupied so I won’t get impatient waiting for our referral. I’ve been pretty patient these days…though I still think about her so much. What is she doing? What does she look like? What is she like? What makes her smile? What does her laugh sound like? Ohhhhhh…I can’t wait for all these things. J I am so excited that we are this far in the process though! I think back to a year ago when our file was ready to go to Taiwan…and now we are a year later and our file is actually in RUSSIA! Isn’t that just so exciting? Yes, I get pretty excited about each little step…I know. Most people don’t get so excited…but that’s just me. I need these milestones to keep me going. And, I celebrate every one of them. You should see my Facebook status when I get some good Russia news! People write and think we’re getting our girl or something! I just laugh and say…no, it’s still a long way off! J God has really given me the joy I need every day to get through this process. I wake up in the morning and think….we are 1 day closer!! That’s one less day I have to wait for our girl.

It’s already been 2 weeks since our file left for Russia. Wow! Hopefully our dossier will soon be registered in Vladivostok. Our agency will notify us when this happens. I just think one day soon the Russia facilitator will be looking through our papers and will say….we have the perfect girl for this family! I wish I could be a fly on the wall, just so I could hear those words!

Trennon wrote this prayer on a piece of paper that I have on my dresser mirror. I read it every morning before I get ready for my day…and almost cry every time. Here it is:

Dear God,

Please let are little sister come sooner. Thank you for giving us her.


Trennon wrote this last year when he was in Kindergarten and we didn’t find it until a few weeks ago laying on the floor in the basement. It was God’s way of telling us that we are going to get our girl soon! We just need to keep trusting in Him. I love how He uses little things like this to keep us going.

Anyway, I need to go get Ryden from school.

Thanks for keeping up with our blog and being such a great support to us! We love each and everyone of you!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Dossier gone to Russia!!!

Ok, so I guess I spoke to soon today! LOL! It's so like me!

The Alberta Governement just emailed and said our dossier was processed yesterday and now it's on it's way to Russia!!!! Wahoooooo! (Happy dance! Happy dance!)

Here are my boys...the moment I told them. They were actually doing the happy dance! I can't imagine their dance when we get to see their sister for the first time! What a good couple of weeks we've been having. Isn't God good?! So good. :-) wait. It's not going to be easy...but I know the reward in the end will be great! The call we've all been waiting for, for sooooo long. I can't believe we're finally here. Wow! It feels sooo good. :-)


still waiting to hear....

So, we had hoped that we would have heard by now that our dossier has gone to Russia. I emailed the AB government yesterday but haven't heard back. Hopefully we'll hear soon that it's on its way.

Terence and I have been trying to get step 1 of the Permanent Resident forms completed...but we are waiting for a financial doc to come so we can fill out the remaining sections. Hopefully any day now we'll be able to complete this so we can send it off. We decided on Permanent Resident vs. Citizenship for various reasons. Hopefully we can avoid possible delays that Citizenship route can create by doing it this way. There's two ways to do it...and we just chose Permanent Resident. After our daughter comes to Canada, we will then apply for Citizenship for her. No big deal. It definitely is more work to do it this way, for us....but for Russia it is easier for them. I'd rather do the extra work, and save them the trouble. :-)

Well, it's not been the most exciting I thought I'd post a few more pics from our nice holiday in the Caribbean.....oh I miss those days, on snowy days like today! :-)