Wednesday, November 26, 2008

4 weeks!

It's been 4 weeks since our home study has been at the AB government. Hopefully any day we'll be getting it back in the mail. Unfortunately our have problems with our mail...some stuff just doesn't get to us. There's another very similar address and they get our stuff quite often. When we got approval for Russia....the envelope was at their house 3 weeks before we got it. So, I'm feeling a little uneasy at the moment.

So, what's next? We'll once we get the home study...we fax it off to Choices along with some pics of our house/family...and then send them stuff like marriage cert/ etc etc. Lots of paper work shuffling! Sounds like fun eh...especiallly right in the middle of Christmas! That's why all my Christmas shopping is done except 2 little gifts! I still have Christmas baking to do...but there will be enough time for that once our stuff is off to Choices. Priorities you know! :-)

I can't believe we're almost onto the Russia stuff! I'm excited! I just pray there will be no slowdowns and our stuff will get off to Russia sometime in the New Year. If we're lucky...maybe before March!


Sunday, November 23, 2008


So, here's the timeline...though when does it ever happen like this!

Prepare dossier (up to 3 months to prepare)

Wait for referral of child (could be a year or more for the referral of a girl aged 18 months to 36 months)

When we get go for your first visit(4-6 weeks after you get your referral. First visit is 7-14 days.

Come home and wait for second visit(about 1 month to 2 1/2 months after first visit until you travel again)

Duration of the second trip, 1 month..including a 10 day waiting period after all documents have been finalized. I hear it's a painful 10 days since you just want to go home...but it's not like we're not used to PAIN. This whole process is painful!

Yes, it's a long one.

On a side note...we heard that the MOSCOW region just got put on "hold" in the last few days. No one knows why.....only this region though. We are in a very different area of Russia. We can only pray that this is not the start to something much bigger. International adoption is so unpredictable. All we can do is wait. Please pray I don't lose it...cause when I heard that news tonight I got this huge knot in my stomache. Why now.... Only God knows. We just need to keep "praising Him in this Storm"...a song that keeps reminding me that God is ultimately in control, not me.

Thanks for listening...and praying.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

Vladivostok it is....

So, we chose Vladivostok instead of NN. Our agency hasn't been in NN very long...and so we just don't want to be guinea pigs again. I know someone has to do it...but with all the hurt we've had...we just can't do it again. Our agency has worked within Vladivostok for a long time. I just want to feel secure as you can feel in this adoption process, that is! HA! We both feel good about our decision...and so we pray that the path we have chosen will not be full of twists and turns...but maybe a little more straight from now on. I know we still have a lot of stuff ahead of us. Some days I just want to hold my breath. I just don't want anything else to go wrong...but I know there's great potential there. I just keep trusting in God...that's all I can do.

Our home study has been at the AB Gov't for 22 days now. It could be there as long as 42 we're over half way now! In a lot of ways these last 3 weeks have flown by. I just hope the next 3 do too!

Our daughter is out have this huge lump in the throat. The time can't go any slower in this moment. What I would do to be a fly on the wall in her orphanage right now. All I can do is pray that God will cover her with his amazing unfailing love and keep her in his so strong and caring hands. Protect her from the cold Russian winters and provide her with someone that will show her love.

It's scary to get this close again. We were this close with Taiwan...even alittle closer. We had our dossier ready. Only to be told things just aren't moving. This is a hard place for me. Being this close. I know we'll get through it.

Thanks for listening...for caring. We have been so supported during this process. God knew we needed all of you. So thanks once again.


**At supper the other night...Trennon and Ryden both asked to pray. I figured they were going to pray for their food...but turns out...they wanted to pray for their sister to come home. I could have cried. Talk about patience...these boys have an abundance of it...and I know it's only because they have Jesus in their hearts. They keep me going...cause I see how much they trust God with this. They are my inspiration. :-) I never thought I'd learn so much about God through my kids. It shows that God will use even the smallest of children to bring you closer to Him.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Friday, November 14, 2008

Our family


I've been trying to find a family picture of us to put on the blog...and finally found one. It was taken in September at Panorama, BC.

Not much happening on the adoption front. Our stuff has been at the AB Government for 16 days now (but who's counting!). :-) Could be there another 4 weeks though, so I'm trying to show some patience.

We're still not sure which area we're going with. Either Vladivostok or NN. Any recommendations? :-)

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Adoption Awareness Month - November!

So, it is ADOPTION AWARENESS MONTH!!! A great time of year to talk up adoption cause you never know when someone shows enough interest to go on their own journey to a little boy or girl that needs the love of a mama and dada. :-)

So, I encourage you to share your story maybe a few more times than usual this month! Yes, if you're anything like me...talking about your adoption is easy...but does get a little tiresome. Especially when the process is not going as fast as you'd like! But, this month we need to share, share, SHARE about how wonderful adoption is! As God's children...He adopted us into HIS family no questions asked. Isn't that amazing?! God loves us so much...that He doesn't care who you are, where you're from, and what may be "wrong" with you...inside or out. He just loves you anyway! I love that God put ADOPTION on our hearts, almost 2 years ago now! I never thought we'd ever adopt...but now I see how incredible it is. And I can't imagine our lives without our little girl in it. For the past 2 years we've been praying for our daughter...and though we've imagined her as a little girl from many different the end all we want is to hold her in our arms. And, I hope that others will see, through our journey to our girl, that they too are called to adopt a child! Though international adoption isn't the way to solve a country's social issues....God calls us to take care of the widow and orphaned. So, we step out in faith that God will guide us and provide us with what we need to get our little girl home! It's not an easy task, but with complete trust and faith in God, I know we'll hold our daughter one day without a doubt. :-)

So, let's spread the word folks!


PS...our home study has been at the Alberta Government for 1 week now! Wahooo...1 week done, 5 to go! Baby steps...are still steps towards our girl!! :-)