Wednesday, April 30, 2008

the count down is on to our trip to Cambodia...and Taiwan!!!

Wow! 9 nights until we head to Cambodia! We still have lots to do before we go, but I can't help but day dream about what it will be like at Place of Rescue(the AIDS orphanage we'll be installing solar panel lighting at)..the little kids climbing all over us. Wanting our attention. Our team leader is already there getting stuff ready for us, and every day he's had this cute little 4 or 5 year old boy clinging to his legs! I can't wait to be a part of that! At the same time I know how hard it's going to be leaving that place. Leaving all these little boys and girls that I'm sure only dream of having a mommy and daddy to wrap their little arms around. It's going to break my heart. But, I know that going there to help these little ones, is better than doing nothing at all. To share in their life for only a few weeks, is better than not. Kicking around a soccer ball with them will be a hoot! I hope I get a few chances to do that with them. I hope to bring some soccer balls with me. We'll see if I can get a soccer soccer store to donate a few. That would be so great for the kids! I can't help but want to give them a few balls since I have such a passion for the sport. I'm so excited!!!!!!

But, at the same time...I dream about Taiwan..and what the orphanage will be like, the city, the people, the smells, the sights, the's going to be amazing! I'm so thankful I have a friend to tour me around. It's going to be a pretty incredible 3 days! To see the city our daughter will live for the first year of her life. To see her home, her caregivers....what an amazing opportunity! It kind of feels like a dream. It's hard to explain. I wonder why I am blessed with such an opportunity? I feel there's so much more that God wants from me. That this is the tip of the iceberg. It's a scary feeling. To really let go and let God take your life where he wants you to go. I feel this pull towards orphans. And not just my daugheter's country and orphanage...but others too. There are so many hurting people, hurting children, orphans that need hope, need Christ, need love. I especially feel drawn to Cambodia. These Orphans have no hope for being a part of a family at this point. Cambodia is closed to International adoption right now. If there is something I can do to help them, now is the time. They need our help. My heart is just bursting with emotion. I want to beam myself over to Cambodian right now. It's hard. I really hope and pray that this desire, I believe God has created in my heart, will grow and bring me to help more children. I don't know how or when or where but it's amazing what happens when you open your heart to God and the possibilities it brings!

...thanks for listening!


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

# 3 !!!!!!

Well, by sounds of it we're # 3 on our agency waiting list. Now, we have no idea how long it will take before our file goes to Chung Yi, but I'm happy to know where we are. Peace of mind is worth a lot! :-)

It's a HAPPY DAY in our house!!!! So very very happy!



Translation is done!

Well, finally it's done. Somethings are out of your control in this whole adoption process. Well, a lot of things! HA! I don't know why it really took this long to translate...but it's done. And now to move on to the next waiting game. Our file now waits at our agency in Victoria. We have no idea where we are on the "agency list". We hope to find that out from them soon. Just so we know for peace of mind how long we may have to wait. They will send over the next file on their "list" as soon as another file in Taiwan gets a referral(there are supposedly 6 files in Taiwan waiting for referrals). So, does that that mean it could be 3 months, 6 months, 9 months, or 12 months...who knows. I can't even venture a guess at this point. I'm just happy it's out of translation and ready to go whenever it's time. I know my patience level has been tested a lot over the last 12 weeks. At times I failed. And that was frustrating in itself. I'm know I'm stronger than that...because of Christ in me. I pray every day that I can keep grounded in all of this crazyness. That I won't lose focus. We are one more step closer to our baby girl now! It's exciting! We need to encourage one another and remind eachother that God is in full control. He is watching out for our little one. And will bring her to us when the time is right. For those out there that are on this adoption journey, I pray that you too will have the patience to get through to the next stage of the process. We can do it! And we can be a shoulder to lean on for each other. Keep your heads up! :-)


Thursday, April 17, 2008

an update on our translation...

So, we talked to Choices today to see what's the hold up with our translation. I guess our translator was out of the office for 2 weeks cause of a death in the family(which is so sad). I still don't get why it has taken 10 weeks so far...even with the 2 week delay. And, it's still not done. Others I know have taken 6 weeks. Anywho. Our agency said it won't affect our position in line. That meaning, the order in which our documents went to translation is the same order our stuff goes to Chung Yi. If this is the case, we should be in a good position. I hope to hear some good news about our documents soon. At least I'm trying to be positive. It's easy to get anxious. But, at least I know now why the hold up and that it won't affect our place in line.

Now, to focus our thoughts on getting ready for Cambodia and Taiwan! 22 more sleeps! Plus, I am excited about our family reunion in S'toon in a week! It's going to be sooooo fun! And, I get to see my newest nephew in 5 sleeps....yipppeee!

Have a good weekend folks!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

an unexpected trip to Taipei....

So, as many of you know, I'm on my way to Cambodia in 5 weeks! How exciting! The mission of our trip is to install solar lighting in an AIDS Orphanage called Place of Rescue. This alone is going to be one amazing trip! To work in an orphanage, to give back to a country I once visited just to see and experience their beauty, culture and history. Our flights to Cambodia just so happen to go through Taipei (EVA Airlines) so on the return I have the greatest opportunity of stopping at Chung Yi for a visit and a tour! I will have 3 short days in Taipei...but so worth it even for such a short time. I hope those 3 days last forever...cause I want to take in all I can of the city our daughter will be born in one day! I can't believe God has given me this amazing opportunity. What are the chances that our flights would go VIA the country we are adopting from? Some days I still can't believe I am actually getting to do this!!! Unfortunately Terence can't join me, he needs to go home to the boys. :-( I will be joined by a friend of mine who lives in Taiwan, for the 3 days, so I'll have a companion to show me around and also get to visit the Orphanage with me!! I'm so excited!

I hope to take some stuff for the kids at Chung Yi. I don't have much room as my bags are already dedicated for stuff for the kids at the Orphanage in Cambodia. I am trying to squeeze in a little bit of stuff like Vitamins (I heard they are in need of this). I wish I had more room. But, I know my main reason for going is to help those in Cambodia. So, any little bit of stuff I can bring to Chung Yi is a bonus! :-)


To my daughter

I've been thinking of you today. Wondering if you are growing in your birth mom's tummy. If you're sucking your cute little thumb? Today I wish I could hold you in my arms. But I know when I can't hold you, my father in Heaven is snuggling you tight. And, I know you are safe there. So, I hold out for the day I hear you're alive and well and ready to come home. I know you'll go through times of being so scared. Not knowing why you've been taken from one person and given to another. We are here praying for you through those moments though. Your brothers pray for you every day. They can't wait to see you and hold you just like your dad and I can't wait!

Ryden is talking more about you these days. I love it! You are so blessed to have such loving, caring brothers. Just at breakfast this morning Ryden pointed to his old booster seat (he now claims he is WAY too big for it!) and said that's for you! I love how you're always in their thoughts. They can't wait to share all their stuff with you. Ryden is eager to pass on his lightening McQueen ride on toy, and countless other toys he knows you will LOVE!

I know your dada can't wait to wrap you in his big strong arms. When I see your dada snuggle your brothers I know he has lots of room to snuggle you too! I can't wait to see you pile on your dad with your brothers and tickle him until he can't take it anymore (he says he doesn't like the tickling...but I know you'll have fun doing it just like I do!). I love that there will be TWO girls now in our family. I never thought I'd have a girl to hang with, shop with, dress up with, play soccer with. The list goes on and on. I love when God has other plans for our lives. I'm so happy he has picked you to be in our lives. To be my daughter. I remember when I good friend of mine adopted her daughter after having two sons. The light in her eyes, the excitement when she talked. I knew one day I would share in that same excitement and joy with you.

There is so much more I want to say. But just know you are always on my mine and in my heart. A day never goes by that I don't dream about you. I pray one day soon you're be laying in my arms all safe and warm, our hearts only inches apart. I love you my girl.

Your mama (forever!)

**I wanted to share with you this "letter to my daughter", cause I know there are other moms out there that understand the longing for our babies. For me it's having the assurance that God is holding my daughter safe during this process, that gives me the patience I need to wait for her to come home, in His timing. I pray that you too can have the patience it takes to get through this process without getting too frustrated or anxious.